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Programming Updates and Strength Progress

In one my previous posts I outlined my new program that I had created for myself with the hope of making some of those sweet gains.  This is my first time attempting my own programming so I didn’t really get it quiet perfect out of the gate.

My results:

Squat Max Went From 325 to 335.  10 lb increase

Bench Max Went From 260 to 266. 5 lb increase

Deadlift Max Went From 415 to 430. 15lb increase

Total Went From 1000lb to 1030lb. 30lb increase

Wilks Score Went From 300 to 309.  3% increase

My weight and body fat basically remained the same as expected. 186-188 @ 18% BF

I know this kind of progress seems mind numbingly slow to a lot of you.  Don’t get me wrong I certainly wish I would have added a 100 pounds to every lift but that just isn’t realistic for us natural athletes who has been in the game a few years.  The positive is if I can keep making this kind of progress for the next year I will have over a 1200lb total.  After running the program some of my take aways where both good and bad.

The Good

  • The amount of work per day felt appropriate.  Each workout took right at an hour including a 5-10 minute warm up
  • I really enjoyed the auto regulation sets.  Anytime it was get as many reps as possible or as many sets of 5 always got me going a little extra
  • I felt fresh for every workout

The Bad

  • My deadlift percentages were too high.  I missed a lot of reps from being fatigued from the squats.  I will be dropping these for the next go around and making some of the sets optional if feeling burnt out.
  • Some of the accessory work was a little too much volume.  A couple workouts I felt like I was working harder on rows and press than I was on Bench.  I am switching it to a fixed number of sets and using a rep range so that I don’t end up doing 6 sets of rows like what happened a few times.

With that here is the updated program (old link from last article takes you to same google doc) with some tweaks.  I’m currently taking a deload week and will start back up this Monday.  I’ll update you guys again in seven weeks to see how these changes played out.  Once I get everything laid out in a way that I think is idle I’ll write up kind of an official guide to running the program.  Right now we are still in the experimenting phase.  If anybody runs the program or has any expertise in programming please leave a comment or contact me.




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