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Book Review: Luke by Luke

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Luke is the third gospel in the bible and we are fairly certain was written by a man named Luke.  It was believed that Luke was a Physician of the time.  Luke dedicates the book to Theophilus who is believed to be the one who financially sponsored Luke.  While impossible to know for certain but Luke was most likely written around AD 70 (Guesses range from AD 60-100) which is shortly after Mathew.  Some interesting things about Luke is that he was a close fried to Paul, he also wrote Acts, Luke is the longest gospel and he wrote more in the new testament than any other author.  Most people always think of Paul as the biggest contributor so  I was a bit surprised to have learned that it was actually Luke.

Luke starts off with a short introduction which gives his purpose for writing this.  He basically states that others have written of the events of Christ but he is looking to create the most historically accurate document possible so that Theophilus can feel confident in what he has been taught.  I get the impression that Luke was a bit of perfection’s and probably spent years interviewing and gathering information and only writing about things he felt confident in.  The whole book has a bit of feel good vibe to it.  Kind of like what you are learning is true and this is good news for everyone hearing it.

Luke then goes into telling about Jesus’s birth and introduces some of underlining themes and messages of the book.  After that we start to get into the beginnings of Jesus’s public ministry.  We cover a little bit of his time with John and getting baptized.  We start off in Galilee and it doesn’t take long before Jesus starts pissing some people off.  He begins to say early and often that the Kingdom of God taught was absolute authority, healed the sick and cast out demons.  That kind of talk didn’t go over to well with some of the leaders and high priests of the time.  Jesus can of course see the writing is on the wall and tells his disciples that he must suffer and die in Jerusalem.  And then were do they start heading to after leaving Galilee?

Yep we are heading to Jerusalem.  Along the way we get to hear some of the classics stories and lots of parables.  The story of the rich man trying to get into heaven, the prodigal son returning home, the good Samaritan who showed mercy , Lazaurs, the story of Mary and Martha, and eating with Zacchaeus.  Once we get to Jerusalem we get to see just how right that earlier prediction is.  Jesus is clearly an innocent man who has done nothing wrong but is convicted based on the people’s fear and jealousy.  Jesus is tortured and crucified and rises from the dead on the third day as it was predicted.  Only a few brief stories are told after Jesus’s rises from the dead before ascending to heaven.

Luke is very similar to the other gospels, Mark and Mathew.  Luke goes into a little more detail and basically gives the outline of Jesus’s whole life on earth as a man.  Luke teaches that eternal life will be given to those who ask for forgiveness of their sins, honor the lord and love their neighbor.  I did enjoy the book but having just read Mathew and Mark the story is getting a little old once you get to Luke.  Sorry Luke.

By the way I’m still working on how I want to do these book reviews of the bible.  Mark I did a little more like spark notes and this one I’m just giving some basic summary and thoughts.  Let me know which one you guys prefer.


Note, if you are looking for a bible I’ve read some or all of the New King James, King James, New Living Translation and New International Version.  Of those I like the New Living Translation the best.  Things are laid out in very easy to understand English and uses more modern phrases.  I’m currently using Tyndale’s New Living Translation Study Bible.

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