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Babies: not yet, not yet, okay we’re ready (thoughts leading up to starting a family)


When we first got married, I distinctly remember Grant saying, “I don’t know if I’ll ever feel ready for kids”. I know he wanted to have kids eventually, but he wasn’t sure if his mind would flip a switch and he would know that it was time. He figured that he would just have to rely on me and would probably get on board once things started to progress. I didn’t believe him. I understood where he was coming from, but I believed that he would feel differently once the time was right. I felt sure that outward influences would sway his thinking. Just like I always believed that I would know when I had met the man who would become my future husband, I figured we would know when we were ready to start a family.


Turns out, Grant was actually ready before I was! After living in our new house for a year, we learned a bit about taking care of a home. We were by no-means pros, but we were handling things, and I finished quite a bit of updates in that first year. We also replaced Grant’s car after his 1999 Blazer bit the dust and then he got a new job with a great company. That was basically the final straw for him. We were planning a 2-year anniversary trip to Aruba and we figured this would be our last big vacation for a while before starting a family. We agreed that I would run one more marathon in the fall, and then I would take a break from training hard and we would be open to a baby.


We still had a few months to go until race day when Grant finally said those magic words, “I’m ready for a baby”. I was so excited that he felt so ready but I was also like, “Wait! Wait! Give me three more months! I’m excited but I’m not quite ready. I want to run this race!” I was a little nervous that I was now the one holding us up but that gave me more motivation to train even harder.

Ready, set, go! The race was November 8th and we became pregnant by the end of December. Whaaat? To be honest, we kind of expected it to happen quickly although, in retrospect, I’m not sure why we were so confident. Grant was convinced we would get pregnant on his birthday, December 19th, but when I tried to explain to him how the cycles work and it couldn’t possibly happen on his birthday, he was not interested. He wanted to imagine that it was like magic and could happen at any time. I let him live in fantasy world and kept the science to myself. Low and behold, he wasn’t far off with his birthday wish! On January 16th, we took 1 pregnancy test (okay 3) and it was confirmed by our doctor on January 21st. We were so excited!! Time for a baby!

baby cake

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