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We are Grant and Theresa and we run things over here at Life Prep Couple.  We are a couple of 30-year-olds with an amazing little girl named Brooke. was started for people who want to get more living out of life and stop saying it is tough.  Describing your life as “tough” or “busy” or “hard” sucks.  Let us help you change some of those words to “exciting”, “happy”, and “fun”.

If you fail to plan you plan fail – Benjamin Franklin

Success in life requires planning and preparation.  Just winging it and going with the flow gets you where everyone else is going.  In debt, out of shape, unhealthy and unhappy.  We want you to start doing things differently.

If you took three minutes to write down three goals I bet one would be about your health, one about money and one would be personal.  How do we all have these same goals but seems no one achieves any of them?  Lack of planning and preparation.  You can’t treat goals like a wish list.

Here at, we will show you how Theresa went from barely walking to running the most prestigious marathon in the world 5 months after having a baby.  We will show you how to build yourself a home gym so you can stop skipping workouts.  Learn how to get out of debt and pay off those student loans.  Discover the best way to invest your money without spending hours per week on it.  Find out how to pass the professional engineering exam.

Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.  – Mark Twain

When we got married in 2013 we were headed down the path of normal.  Credit card debt, car payments, and student loans.  We woke up shortly after the honeymoon and decided we needed to change our direction.  In five months we were able to get out from under $30,000 in debt.  Now we save/invest almost 50% of our pay.

In 2016 a new little lady joined our lives and made us realize how precious time is.  We are now chasing freedom from the 9-5 so that we can have more time with her.  There is nothing virtuous about working 50+ hours per week for 40+ years so why do it?

Never wish life were easier, wish that you were better.  – Jim Rohn

About Us

Grant grew up in a super small town in North Carolina.  After high school went to UNCC and NC State for his Bachelors and Master Degrees in Mechanical Engineering.  Grant loves lifting weights, craft beer, wakeboarding and hustling.

Theresa bounced around a bit but end up in her own small town in North Carolina by 4th grade.  After high school, she went to NC State to get a degree in Biology.  (And no, we didn’t meet in college even though we were there at the same time. )  Theresa loves distance running, arts and crafts, baking and brunch!

Together, we are both pretty obsessed with our baby girl, Brooke. She is so much fun and has taught us a lot through all the new adventures of parenting. We hope to set good examples for her to grow up on and are happy to share what we learn along the way!

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