Hi! We’re Grant & Theresa, the Life Prep Couple. We believe that life is about balance and growth.  Whether it involves your health, relationships, finances, or family, you should always be striving to achieve more.  We see this as just “prepping for life” and would love to share some of our ideas and experiences with you.

Grant is a professional mechanical engineer who loves working out in his home gym and finding new IPAs he hasn’t tried. He has a pretty strong southern accent and a laugh that makes you laugh with him. He likes to joke around but is also particularly self-driven and a very dependable person. He is North Carolina born and bred and graduated from the University of North Carolina in Charlotte before getting his Master’s from North Carolina State University. If you ask him, he’s a loyal 49er.

Theresa graduated from North Carolina State University and now works in the life science industry in Raleigh, NC. She loves to run and has recently qualified for the Boston Marathon 2017 race. She has a strong sweet tooth and a talent for craft projects. She comes from a big Catholic family and already has four nephews and counting.

In October of 2016, we had the great pleasure of welcoming the newest edition to our family, Brooke!  She is a precious little lady and is teaching us what it means to be a parent every day.