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3rd Trimester Update – I look full term!

huge belly

I have officially begun the third trimester and I look like I’m full term! People are surprised when I tell them my due date because they expect me to say “any day now”. It is so crazy how differently people seem to develop. Some women look like they carry their baby totally within their own body frame but my little one is all out front. My belly is pulled tight, too, and the baby always feels like she is pushing outwards. (As if she didn’t have enough space, already!) So far, the doctors have not said she is measuring big, just one week ahead according to the last two monthly appointments, and they said that wasn’t really significant.

Although I can see how huge I’m getting, I am trying to keep my head on straight and ignore any negative body image thoughts that pop into my mind. I know this is just temporary and I can’t wait to ramp up my work outs again after the baby is here. (in due time) It helps that I’ve still been able to keep up a normal routine of running and weight lifting 6 days a week so I get some of those endorphins and feel like I’m still doing something good for my body even though it is low intensity. Also, people have been so kind to me regardless of how I think I look. I have gotten so many sweet compliments from total strangers throughout this pregnancy. It might seem odd for strangers to comment openly on how you look, but the kind intentions behind the comments are what feel uplifting to me. Just last weekend, a lady driving by yelled out her window, “Excuse me! You look beautiful!”. It was so completely unexpected and definitely touched me that she would say so. I definitely plan to pay it forward to other pregnant ladies in the future.

As far as the baby’s development, everything has been going well with all of my check ups. I recently took the glucose test and it came back negative for pregnancy diabetes. As much as I love my sweets, it would be surprising to find out I wasn’t processing sugar normally. I’m glad that it isn’t a concern. The baby has otherwise been growing as expected and I feel her movements getting stronger all the time. I just began to feel the difference in her limbs pushing out as opposed to her head or back. She also gets the hiccups every couple days or so. It can be distracting at work when I’m trying to concentrate and the baby is moving all around but I still love it and try to appreciate this *short* time with her in there.

Although I have a long to-do list before the baby arrives, I am feeling very impatient for her to be here. I’m just ready to have her out in the open to take care of and be part of our family. I know people say pregnancy just flies by but I don’t feel that way right now. I feel like the next couple months are going to drag by but I’m trying to appreciate this time as much as possible.


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