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12% Rate of Return??

“I’m going to have over ten million dollars by the time I retire!”  I heard one of my colleagues proclaiming this to a few others sitting around the lunch table.  Myself being the resident money nerd had to walk over to listen.  I mean I want ten million dollars too.  We work for the same company so whatever he is doing I should be able to copy?  He was really excited talking about setting up contributions to a Roth IRA in addition to his 401k and how easy it was all going to be.  I listened for awhile without asking any questions but then I simply had to.

Me: Brian (not real name), what kind of rate of return are expecting?

Brian:  I am being conservative (literally said this) and using 12% rate of return.

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Working Out With Asthma

There is no better way to impress a girl than to show her your inhaler collection.  Unless you are showing it to her because your face is purple and you aren’t breathing.  I kid, I kid.  I wanted to write about a personal topic today.  Working out with asthma and just in general living with it.  Hopefully, we can change some stereotypes and get some practical information.

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9 Successful Habits of a Working Mom with NO TIME

(Heading out the door…no time!)

Life with a baby sure can be overwhelming. There’s just not enough TIME for everything!  I have the same 24 hours I always had before, but it feels so much more precious and stretched thin, now.

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Read Less and Act More

I love reading.  I read every morning, I listen to audio books in my car and check a few blogs at work.  The trap I fall into is reading these fantastic, life changing books only to set them down and move onto to the next one.  What good is it to read Think and Grow Rich if you aren’t integrating the concepts into your life?  Knowledge alone will do nothing for your success.  We need to read less and act more. Continue reading

Pay Yourself a Car Payment

Cars are like a financial sink hole and can really put a damper on your journey to financial independence.  They are expensive, they wear out and they depreciate in value rapidly.  People also tend to buy way more car than their budget would allow because the payments are just so reasonable.  We bought a new (gently used) car this time last year and paid cash for it which I think everyone should do.  However, we are still paying ourselves a car payment every month. Continue reading

Spectating The Boston Marathon With A Baby

Boston Marathon Expo is a great place for a nap

The Boston Marathon is unlike any race I have ever been to.  It isn’t just that there are a lot of runners (30,000) but, it is the amount of spectators and town support that make this race unique.  Most other cities feel inconvenienced by a marathon coming to town because of the crowds and street closures but every Boston local we talked to acted like it was one of their favorite events of the year.  All of this love for the Boston Marathon does, however, make it challenging on the spectator.  There are countless articles about how to train and prepare to run the Boston Marathon but what about how to watch it?  Specifically,  how can you see mom run while you are dealing with a baby?  We just got back from the 2017 Boston Marathon and it was quite the adventure for the whole family so I thought I would share my perspective from the bleachers.

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Get Addicted One Rep At A Time

Usually, when people hear the word addicted that have images of cigarettes and drugs pop into their head but in my opinion not all addictions are bad.  You can be addicted to something that is good and beneficial for you.  You can be addicted to meditating, increasing your net worth, fitness, learning, giving or really anything.  This is a topic that is argued in the philosophical world as to whether any addiction can be positive and what makes something a habit vs an addiction vs a compulsion.  If you do something repeatedly to change your current state, have with drawls if you are unable to do it and will do at the expense of other important things I say it is an addiction.  If that word makes you uncomfortable then just think dedication or healthy habit from here on out. Continue reading

Financial Advisors Hate Coffee And Talking About Fees??

Have you ever noticed that every person giving financial advice always wants you to give up coffee?  Because that coffee cost $4.00 a day and that times 60 years at 12% interest is however many millions of dollars.  You would think that Bill Gates must have massive self-control over his desire for coffee and that Microsoft thing is just his side hustle.  I don’t even drink coffee and I get tired of hearing about how it is ruining your retirement. Continue reading

Q1 New Years Resolution Update

Well, we are a fourth of the way through the year and I’m still at least talking about my new year’s resolutions so I guess that is a good thing.   As we all know it can be quite challenging to achieve big long term goals like a New Years resolution.  Hopefully, everyone out there is still crushing any big goals they set for themselves.  Without wasting much time lets just get right into how I’m doing. Continue reading

What Does it Take to Feel Rich???

I read a great an article from a financial blogger than I really like, Financial Samurai, about feeling rich.  This is a really interesting concept as it is so different for everyone.  Some people feel rich so long as they can get some food that day while other people don’t feel rich while flying on their private jet.  So what does it take to feel rich?

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